3 X 3Column & Boom Manipulator

We offer high quality range of Column And Boom Manipulator that finds applications in various Automobile Components, Valve Components and others. Known for its excellent quality, durability and others, our range is appreciated across the globe.

Package Includes:

  • Manipulator with control box, Operator Pendent
  • Operation Manual
  • One Year Warranty


  • Fixed base with 360 degrees manual swivel
  • Anti – Fall safety device
  • Trolley motorized with constant speed
  • Boom cable organizer
  • Custom built Manipulators available.


  • Rail track for trolley
  • Operators stand, slides
  • Flux recovering unit

3 X 3Column & Boom Manipulator specifications

Model1.5 X1.5M2M X 2M3M X 3M4M X 4M5M X 5 M6M X 6M
Vertical Stroke (mm)1500mm2000mm3000mm4000mm5000mm6000mm
Horizontal Stroke (mm)1500mm2000mm3000mm4000mm5000mm6000mm
Boom Traverse speed (mm/min)120 – 1500120 – 1500120 – 1500120 – 1500120 – 1500120 – 1500
Boom Lifting speed (mm/min)500mm/min500mm/min1000mm/min1000mm/min900mm/min900 mm/min
Max. load at Extremity(kgs)100 kgs100 kgs200 kgs200 kgs300 kgs300 kgs