Linear Welding System

The Linear Welding Systems is suitable to weld 0.1mm and above stainless steel sheets into thin wall tubes and pipes of up to 500mm length. Typically, the linear welding system consists of a hydraulic cylinder and power pack for torch motion, pneumatic cylinder, or spring loaded clamps to hold the job with suitable holder. This welding process is used to weld any cylindrical jobs, strips, sheets, where a precise linear fusion weld is required.

Package Includes:

  • Linear welding system with control box, Operator Pendent
  • Operation Manual
  • One Year Warranty


  • Copper back up mandrel & Copper fingers for Clamping
  • Torch Manipulation slides
  • Linear Travel carriage speed is variable
Welding Length (mm)1500mm2000mm3000mm4000mm5000mm6000mm
Welding Speed(mm/min)150-1500 mm/min150 -1500 mm/min150 -1500 mm/min150 -1500 mm/min150-1500 mm/min150 – 1500 mm/min
Vessel Diameter (mm)120 – 800150 -800180 -1000250 – 1000340 – 1200450 – 1200
Sheet Thickness (mm)0.2 -6 mm0.2 – 6 mm0.4 – 6 mm0.4 – 6 mm0.5 – 6 mm1 – 8 mm