Robotic Welding Systems

Beam Welding Systems

Offers a variety of beam welding solutions from simple tractors to fully automated beam assembly lines for all styles of beams from H, I,T ,L-Beams ,wide flange beams, columns , Non-symmetrical beams.

  • Linear Carriage Type
  • Gantry type
  • Column & Boom type


  • Different type of beams can be welded by Column & Boom type
  • SAW, MIG, Tandem SAW, Flex cored MIG etc
  • Single or double welding heads
  • Torch Manipulation slides
  • Seam tracking systems
  • Complete material handling systems
  • Both sides of the flange welded simultaneous
  • PLC controlled
  • Fully automated or Semi automated
  • Ensures optimum straightness and productivity
  • Flux delivery and recovery systems

Air Receiver Tank Welding SPM

We have designed these Air Receiver Tank in both vertical and horizontal type so that it can perform dual function of partial moisture separation and air storage.
  • Copper back up mandrel & Copper fingers for Clamping
  • Torch Manipulation slides
  • Linear Travel carriage speed is variable

Robotic Welding System